Art and Music from Michael and Simon Brace

About Michael and Simon

Michael Brace

Michael Brace is a 25 year old painter based in Baldock, Hertfordshire. He studied Art at the University of Coventry. Whilst there he created stunning visual representations of the city, day and night images that captured  views and angles of the city that may be missed by the casual observer; some beautiful, some sinister.

He has been painting for several years, developing his work  through different interest ranging from images of animals, to portraits to still life and studies of form and tone. He completed his studies at GCSE and A Level and went on to further education. He was awarded unconditional entry into Coventry Universities School of Fine Art.

Since graduating from the University he continues his work, producing vivid images of city landscapes, celebrities, and iconic symbols of British culture with a twist. He uses acrylic and oil paints to an almost hypnotic effect. He will work on commission, and his work will be displayed in local Art galleries all over North Hertfordshire in the upcoming year.

Artist Statement

My work has developed from things we see in our everyday lives. These things can vary from a large cityscape to a more intimate place such as a bus stop or phone box. When I started to develop this body of work I intended to observe items that I felt represented modern British culture, such as a red bus or a red phone box. These images showed something that could be an intimate personal moment, which I then showed on a large open scale using large paintings.

My work has now changed to representing ‘big’ scenes such as city skylines or interior of stadiums during sporting events. These are large scale public areas and events that I am now painting on a smaller more personal scale, in an attempt to personalise these moments. Within the pictures internal construction I use oil or acrylic paint, applied with a brush, stick or cardboard to give me solid, straight lines and definite angles. I like to represent light and reflection accurately within my work. I draw inspiration from places I have visited and places that have been shown to me, through films by artists such as Michael MANN, Seven SPEILBERG and Martin SCORSESE.


2011 – Copperbeech Gallery, Littly Wymondly, Hertfordshire.

2010 – University Hertfordshire Open Exhibition. Work showing in the Margaret Harvey Gallery and The Museum of St Albans.

2008 – Coventry University: 63 degrees Fine Art degree show.


Coventry University

BA Media Studies and Fine Art                                                            2005 – 2008

The Knights Templar School

A level Fine Art                                                                                     2002 – 2004

Simon Brace

Simon Brace is a 26 year old singer songwriter based in Baldock, Hertfordshire. He studied Creative Writing at the University of Derby. Whilst there he performed at various open-mic events around the city, becoming an active member and supporter of Derby’s new music and literary scene.
Still a keen performer at local music events around Baldock and the neighbouring towns, he creates and performs songs which are almost short stories in themselves.  Often featuring characters whose situations and memories have a ring of familiarity, accompanied by simple yet effective acoustic guitar, his performances at pubs and local music festivals are often very personal events.
His first album, “Fragments”, is due for release in early 2011.